The Advantages Of Skipping

Skipping is a person or people in a ring swinging rope to do a variety of jumping action sports games. Now let me talk to you about the advantages of skipping.

1. It can enhance brain vitality:

Skipping rope is a very effective brain activity. When skipping rope, the lower limbs of the body bounce and push off, and the arms swing the chest and abdomen, so the brain keeps moving. At the same time holding the rope head constantly rotating, will stimulate the thumb-related acupuncture points, and increase the vitality of brain nerve cells.

2. can improve the balance and coordination ability:

To jump, you have to have enough explosive force against your gravity, and enough flexibility in your hips, knees, ankles, and tendons. Skipping is a kind of aerobic exercise, that requires skeletal muscle contraction and tolerance ability is strong, so it needs enough oxygen and energy supply, skipping to jump well, not only to respond quickly, neck, shoulders, and upper limbs also want to participate in the running jump shake and other action coordination, adhere to skipping can enhance the body’s balance ability, is a kind of improve strength, speed, endurance, Flexibility of the overall quality of sports.

3. can increase bone density:

The main components of bone are osteoblasts and calcium salts. When jumping rope, the bones of the spine and lower limbs are repeatedly impacted, which will accelerate the blood circulation of bone tissue. Often gravity stimulation is conducive to promoting the transformation and reconstruction of bone.

There are so many benefits of jumping rope, it is a great help to your health, burns fat, loses weight, and strengthens your legs, heart, and lungs! What reason do you have for rejecting this sport?! Finally, I wish you all can become their ideal body as soon as possible!

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