Benefits Of Wearing Gradient Sunglasses

Sunglasses are one of the must-have equipment for summer people. Besides the concave shape, there are other advantages. In addition, gradient sunglasses are also one of the hot choices of people at the moment. Here are some good things about them.

1. Lighten the burden

It can reduce the adjustment burden of the ciliary muscle of the eyes under strong light, and let the eyes see objects in the natural light that they are accustomed to. This is the most comfortable time for the human eyes.

2. Sandproof and dustproof

Wearing sunglasses not only blocks harmful light but also prevents sand and dust particles from entering people’s eyes in windy weather. To a certain extent, it has become the best haven for the eyes.

3. Comfortable middle-distance vision

Progressive lenses are corrective lenses that provide clear and comfortable intermediate-distance vision at any near-addition level. Gradients of refractive power design specific vision zones for intermediate distance vision correction.

4. Continuous clear vision

Gradient lenses provide continuous clear vision from far to near. While single-vision reading lenses provide a clear view of only the near area, the sudden change in refractive power of bifocal lenses completely separates the distance and near vision.

5. More natural eye adjustment

For single-vision reading glasses, the eye accommodation only supports the near vision. With bifocal lenses, there is a sudden change in accommodation when the eye passes the dividing line from distance use to near use. For each point of the meridian of the gradient mirror, the diopter power just matches the focusing distance of the eye, and the eye accommodation does not need to change when changing the line of sight.

6. Continuous Spatial Perception

Gradient lenses provide an overall perception of space, with a continuous gradient of refractive power in all directions. Single-vision reading glasses only provide near-vision correction but do not provide real spatial perception. The separation of the two parts of the bifocal lens changes the spatial relationship, and the resulting image jump also affects the vision and comfort of the wearer.

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