Different Types of Dior Perfume

Dior perfume is a perfume brand with a long history and a variety of perfumes. Next are some recommendations about Dior perfumes.

  1. J’adore

J’adore perfume is based on floral and fruity notes of rose and damask plum, an expression of extreme femininity, and gold, a symbol of absolute femininity.

J’adore, absolute femininity: modern elegance, bright and sensual. Top Notes: Calabrian Bergamot: Harvested in southern Italy, the bergamot essential oil is obtained by cold-rolling the peel of the fruit, which brings an outstanding sweetness to the perfume and adds a unique vitality to the citrus fragrance. Middle Note: Damask Rose: Originated in Turkey and Bulgaria, Damask Rose is used to make essential oils and pure fragrances. Base Note: Jasmine: It is a symbol of femininity.

  1. Miss Dior

As Dior Dior’s first perfume, it reveals Mr. Christian Dior’s infinite enthusiasm for flowers. Especially the flowers that grow in the beautiful garden of Granville Les Rhumbs villa in France (now the Dior Dior Museum) have aroused his infinite creative passion.

  1. Miss Dior Chérie Blooming Bouquet

The top note of Dior Dior Blooming Sweetheart Eau de Toilette is citrus from Sicily, which brings a sweet and sour pleasant freshness. Then there is the bright and moist peony fragrance, which is generously released. The slender peony flower originated in China, and is known as the “king of flowers”. She is a symbol of prudence, humility, and immortality. The peony is followed by a fragrant rose absolute. The base note combines chypre-style patchouli with mild white musk.

  1. Sweet Elf

Dior Dior sweet spirit perfume, top note: bitter orange: attractive fruity aroma, lively and light, like sweet candy, mixed with spicy tangerine peel, giving people a pleasant and playful feeling. Middle note: Gardenia: exudes a rich, strong, and bright floral fragrance, and perfectly embodies the essence of Dior Sweetheart perfume: extremely feminine, sensual, and charming, not vulgar. At the same time, gardenia will also represent your soft spot for this fresh, lively, and light fragrance.

Base Notes: White Musk: Provides a cottony texture reminiscent of velvety skin and a lingering sense of pure freshness.

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