Various Productions Of Bobbi Brown’s Eye Makeup

Bobbi Brown’s eye makeup products are excellent and mesmerizing. Around the eyes, in a square inch, the infinite magic of good fortune is deduced. Here are some products for eye makeup.

1. Flowing Cloud Eyeliner

Liuyun eyeliner is a well-deserved star product. Liuyun eyeliner is very easy to draw, and the color is even. As long as the force is relatively stable, it will not suddenly have more color or less color, and there will be no problems such as caking. After practicing well, it will be done in one go, as smoothly as flowing clouds and waterfalls. And it’s super fast, it’s done as soon as it’s painted. The durability is also great, and I don’t feel dizzy all day long.

2. Long-lasting cream shadow

Bobbi Brown’s eyeshadow can be applied very evenly, and the color spreads evenly. Not to mention how beautiful it is. The color is very “solid”, even if the eyelids tend to be oily, they can still look beautiful all day long.

3. Metal cloud eye shadow

The easy-to-pigment, non-smudgeable Metallic Eyeshadow is enhanced with stunning shimmery powders. The paste is smooth and delicate, with no sticky powder or agglomeration. The luster is like a clear gemstone, and like a shimmering mist, it is extremely charming. It is an excellent partner of Liuyun eyeliner.

4. Smokey Mascara

A mascara that lengthens and volumizes eyelashes. It becomes longer with one brush, and thicker with more brushes, and it will not be long with a few more brushes, but it will be thicker. Overall, it won’t be particularly slender, nor thick and exaggerated. But the result is natural.

5. Thick Charm Big Eyes Mascara

If you like big eyes like Barbie dolls, don’t miss Eye Open Mascara. Using this mascara can make people mistakenly think that they have glued on false eyelashes. It will make the eyelashes incredibly long, full, and curled – which means that the paste has good adhesion, and a considerable part of it is attached to the eyelashes. But even so, it will not affect the curling of eyelashes due to its weight, and it is not easy to smudge makeup.

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