Recommendations Of Lancome’s Liquid Foundation

Foundation is an essential part of the makeup process. All major brands have their liquid foundation production lines. Lancome’s liquid foundation has always been loved by the public. Here are some recommendations.

1. Lancome pure liquid foundation

Lancome Pure Liquid Foundation is a product of the Lancome Pure series, which belongs to Lancome’s high-end branch line. This liquid foundation is more suitable for dry and normal skin. It is a nourishing liquid foundation. It contains shea butter, damask rose extract and Zhuoyan molecules. It is a skin-nourishing liquid foundation.

2. Lancome Miracle Tulle Liquid Foundation

This liquid foundation is perfect for dry skin. Its moisturizing effect is very good, it is relatively moisturizing, the texture is fine and easy to push away, the upper face is light and thin, and the skin nourishing effect is also good. The concealing power is medium, and the smaller blemishes can be covered to the same extent. And the durability is very good, the makeup will not fade or mottle after wearing makeup for seven or eight hours, and it will only be a little dull.

3. Lancome new long-lasting liquid foundation

This liquid foundation is designed in a frosted bottle, which is very textured, has a high fluidity texture, is very light and thin, and fits the skin very well on the face. And it has an oil-free formula, with a smooth and light texture, and the concealer effect is also very good. All blemishes can be covered partly.

4. Lancome Pure Essence Cushion Liquid Foundation

This air cushion foundation contains rich skin-nourishing ingredients, which are very suitable for sensitive skin, so don’t worry about irritating the bottom of the skin. Its overall concealing effect is also very good, it can cover the spots and acne marks on the face, and the makeup will look clean and clear, and there is no trouble of powder sticking and peeling in autumn and winter.

5. Lancome Air Light Cushion Pure Liquid Foundation

This is a liquid cushion foundation that was researched for ease of makeup application. And compared to other liquid foundations, this air cushion liquid foundation has a clear and comfortable makeup, it is flawless and long-lasting, and it also protects the skin. This air cushion is not sticky or floating at all for dry skin.

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