Make-up Productions Of MAC

Since its birth, MAC has always been inseparable from the word “professional”. Their products have always been loved by consumers. Here are some recommendations for their various products.

1. Base makeup

a. MAC small bottle customized dual-use liquid foundation

The makeup of this liquid foundation is very light, and the moisturizing effect is very good. It is especially suitable for girls with dry skin. Although the thin layer is average, the effect of creating fake makeup is great. If you think the concealer is not enough, you can also add a few more layers to the face, which will not be heavy at all.

b.MAC Silky Concealer

Their concealer is also very good. MACs concealer does not disappoint. The concealer is very good. After testing, any kind of acne can be covered.

2. Eyeshadow

The powder quality of the eye shadow is really good, especially delicate, and the color is also very moderate. The colors of most eyeshadow palettes are very versatile in daily life. You can’t go wrong with the daily palettes, and the number of eyeshadow palettes is relatively small, so the price is much more cost-effective than buying alone.

3. Lipstick

a. Ruby woo

The red matte texture and thin application are very daily to enhance the complexion, giving people a lively feeling, thick application is very bright, giving people a sense of aura. However, this lipstick is a little dry. Anyway, matte lipstick will look better when it is dry, and the color and texture will be better. Just apply lipstick before the upper lip.

b.Dance With Me

The red lipstick, putting it on, the aura is 2.8 meters in an instant. Because it is a matte texture, the color rendering is extremely high, the color is red mixed with rose-purple, especially white teeth, it is very suitable for clean base makeup, and simple eye makeup.

c. See sheer

This lipstick is suitable for girly girls and Asian skin tones, and it is impossible to go wrong with this lipstick for daily work.

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